Magnetic (short film)

When a woman seeks professional help for her nightmares, she discovers the traumas of her past may well be portents of her future.

Starring Helena Antonio (Killing Eve, Made in Italy with Liam Neeson), Syed Masood and Kent Goldfinch.

Winner of best short script (finalist) in Indie Shorts Fest (2019) and Sunday Shorts Film Festival. Now finished in 2022, touring festival circuit. 

Trailer: Magnetic (short film) - YouTube

I wanted to write a story that was as close to a perfect mirror as possible. So as per the Hero's journey, not only is the antagonist the protagonists' shadow, but the story mirrors through time too. 

Written and directed by Mike Waugh but made with a some of the most amazing and talented people I've ever worked with. There's LOADS of them - see